Board News: April 2013

The Honey Creek Board of Trustees met on Wednesday March 27, 2013.

Director’s Report: Al reviewed the overall MEAP scores. Individual reports have been sent home. The enrollment meetings were very successful and we have 230 families on the wait list. The re-chartering process was just completed with final results pending. The Michigan Legislature recently passed a bill requiring schools to begin paying 21% of retiree wages into MIPSERS (teacher retirement plan) which amounts to $16,000 per year for HCCS. The Detroit Free Press is in the process of writing an article on charter schools in Michigan and reporters have interviewed both faculty and staff regarding the uniqueness of HCCS. Al will send an email with a link to the article once it’s completed.

The Fund Development Committee continues on the process of gaining 501c3 status. The attorney is reviewing the information and will submit to the IRS for approval. Al is currently working with an intern who will also be able to assist with development of a fund raising plan.

The Outreach Committee: Nina continues to work on the HCCS story with the ultimate goal to use the information for public relation purposes including a brochure as well as a power point presentation. This can be used for prospective parents as well as for fund raising. The plan is to make this a live document which can continue to be updated.

The Governance Committee reports the director’s evaluation will remain unchanged for this year. The goal is to have a new evaluation form to better meet our needs in place by the fall of 2013.

There will be three vacancies on the Board for the 2012-2013 school year. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Kelly Krawcke at kkrawcke@umich.edu for additional information. Information and the application have been sent via email in March and will be resent the week of 4/15/13.

The Board identified the need to hold a special meeting to review its goals. This was meeting was held Tuesday April 9th. The board reviewed the Strategic Plan. In light of the economic challenges we are facing, one priority is to ensure the Fund Development Committee becomes functional as soon as possible.

Full minutes of the board meetings are available on the HCCS web site for review.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Krawcke, Secretary

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