Wellness Committee Notes: March 2013

Spring is coming! That means our school yard edible garden will soon be in bloom. Look for work day information forthcoming on email. We need many hands to make this garden possible.

Farm to School on March 7 will feature Michigan dried beans. Try-it Thursdays this month will feature hummus on March 21 and white bean soup on March 28.

Earth day will be celebrated in April and we will need volunteers. To volunteer for this and any other wellness committee event, please contact Deb at tantrefarm@hotmail.com or Jane Pacheco at janeden@sbcglobal.net.

If you are interested in ordering food from the Harvest Kitchen, but can’t be at Honey Creek for the 3pm pick-up, please contact Mary at info@harvest-kitchen.com or 734.395.7782. She is happy to make arrangements!

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