Scrip News: March 2013

Hello All,
Thank you for supporting our scrip program – it is such a painless way to raise funds for our school and PTO without you needing to spend an extra penny!!
Scrip works a bit like gift cards. You purchase a card from us, and it works like a credit or bank card at the store (or gas station). You get the face value of the card, in other words, what you paid for the card, and we get a percentage of what you spend donated to us by the company. To order scrip, you can e-mail us, visit us at the scrip table on Wednesday and Friday mornings, or order online at www.glscrip.com. At the website you can see the full selection of scrip cards available. You can pay by cash or check, or pay online once you have set up a Presto Pay account through Shop with Scrip. Please contact us if you need more information about how to do this. You can also use the website to reload your existing cards or buy scrip certificates to print almost instantaneously. Again, please contact us for further details.

In addition to Scrip, we have rewards programs at Kroger, Meijer, Arbor Farms, and Busch’s.  For Kroger, just obtain your Kroger Plus card from the Kroger Service desk (if you already have one you can use that one- no need to obtain a new one) then enroll in their Community Rewards Program online at www.kroger.com . Select Honey Creek Community school from the list of schools. You will need to re-enroll each year. This program gives 1% back to the school. Meijer runs a similar program, and you will need a Meijer 1 card. If you don’t already have a Meijer 1 Card  you can apply in store, online at www,meijer.com/rewards or call 1-800-962-7011. Once you have the card you can link it to Honey Creek by using the school number 599628. This card gives 0.5% back with cash or pin-debit card purchases and 1% with Meijer Credit card purchases. No money to the school if paying with a non-Meijer credit card. Arbor Farms and Busch’s have Recharge cards, which work like regular Scrip, but can be refilled (instead of having to get a new card). You can buy cards for Arbor Farms at the scrip table ($20) and then refill them at the store. We also have cards for Hillers and Busch’s that have a zero starting balance. Busch’s cards need to be linked to a MyWay Account online at www.buschs.com  then pick Honey Creek from the Cash for Education school list.
If you have any questions or need more info please stop by the scrip table on Wednesday mornings by the front door or Friday mornings at the bagel sale, or send us an email anytime!
Thank you for helping support our wonderful school with scrip!
Jennifer Alexander and Alex Foulis
jenaalex@gmail.com, alexfoulis@hotmail.com

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