Middle Elementary News: March 2013

Welcome to muddy March! Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear and outwear. If it is under 40, we require the students to wear hats and gloves/mittens. Between 40 and 49, they need a coat, between 50 and 59 then need 2 LONG sleeve layers, between 60-64 one long sleeve layer and at 65 and above children may wear short sleeves.

We have been and will continue to work on fractions in math and will be moving into geometry soon. The new Common Core Standards for math don’t have a lot of fraction goals for 2nd graders. We still include the 2nd graders in many of our lessons as most students think fractions are cool (they are!) and are eager to learn. The major goals for 3rd grade fractions include a lot of work with equivalent fractions.

Force and motion is our emphasis for science. We’ll be doing lots of experiments and nonfiction reading and writing about this topic.

Students loved our Trader’s in Time class book and we are now reading another book by the same author, Janie Lynn Panagopoulos. Erie Trail West follows a family from New York to Livingston county and helps us learn about the years immediately prior to Michigan becoming a state. We also use these two books to look at an author’s style and compare and contrast two works by the same author.

Children will begun to study figurative language and then dig into poetry. We will read and write lots of great poetry and each child will put together their own anthology of their poems and poems by other authors.

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