Curriculum-Based Service Learning News: March 2013

Hopefully you saw the e-mail inviting you and your child to join the Honey Creek team to raise funds for Heifer International through their Read to Feed program.   “Read to Feed is a reading incentive, service-learning program that offers global education opportunities and will foster in children a love for reading, a passion to help others and a motivation to help create a better world” (From the Read to Feed website).

The process is simple.  Children obtain sponsors who agree to a donation per book or unit read.  Students collect the money by Friday, April 12 and turn that money into their base class teachers.  That money will be sent to Heifer International to buy animals for families in need.  Students can set individual goals and designate which animals they would like their money to be spent on. The link https://secure1.heifer.org/gift-catalog/ has all the available gifts that can be purchased for the families served by Heifer International.  For more information about the program visit http://www.heifer.org/getinvolved/readtofeed/.

Be in touch with any questions and I look forward to hearing how this is going for those of you who take this on!


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