Technology News: February 2013

In 2/3 technology, students finished up their “All About Me” presentations with Google Docs. They have been very excited about making a project that captures who they are and what they are interested in, and have been sharing these with me using the collaboration features of Google Docs. They also completed a short unit building their understanding of how to do Web-based research (finding a site or image, saving the Web address to get back to that resource, etc). We will be starting our Boat Design unit soon, which ties in to the 2/3 Science curriculum.

In the 4/5 technology classes, students have finished their “Pure Michigan” ads. Students wrote poems during Language Arts time, and recorded themselves reading these poems aloud using our USB microphones and GarageBand. They also searched the Web for images that relate to the Michigan place their poems are about, and built their final movies in iMovie, pulling these images, sounds and words together. We are about to start an exciting new hands-on project called Vibrobots in the new semester!

The Middle School technology classes finished our inquiry- based lesson dealing with the local businesses near Honey Creek, and are beginning a new engineering design-based project in which they will be designing, building, and testing solar-powered vehicles. There are nice tie-ins to science and math in this unit as well, and I am really excited about seeing what the students create!

In the Middle School technology elective, we wrapped up the Appropriate Technology elective, and are beginning our Assistive Technology unit. Students will be working on and learning about how technology can help people overcome physics or other challenges. We’re planning on partnering with a Honey Creek parent who works with patients at U-M hospital, building video games that challenge them to exercise muscles and regain flexibility during occupational therapy. We are also hoping to partner with some of the High Point classrooms.

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