Music News: February 2013

Music classes at Honey Creek sure are making some beautiful sounds! The K-1’s are learning about music and movement as well as identifying ta, ti-ti, rest, and So, Mi, Do singing. This past week in the words of one K-1 student, “It was da bomb,” as they got to play small hand instruments for the first time. They can now identify a hand drum, tambourine, triangle, claves, and wood block. 2-3 and 4-5 students are working on learning to play recorders. This week 2-3 students learned a G and are going to be able to play everyone’s favorite, “Hot Cross Buns”. 4-5 students have sailed passed the first three notes and are about to learn C and D. They are sounding wonderful and are so excited to play. Band 1 students are continuing to work through the lesson book and learn even more difficult music. This week they are learning the Mexican Hat Dance which is always a favorite tune. Band 2 students are working on playing together as a band and developing a good middle school band sound. We are concentrating our efforts on scales and warm-ups, and the brass players are practicing chop builders to help them reach the higher notes. Choir students have just begun a new semester with new students. They just had voice placements and this week will begin reading music and working toward part singing and sounding like a choir.

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