Director’s Notes: February 2013


The snow has arrived, and we recently experienced our first snow day of the year. When school closures take place, the information is emailed to parents as soon as the decision is made. You can also find that information on our website or from local television and radio. You may also call the main phone number and closure information will be on the school’s outgoing message.

I’ve also noticed that there has been an increase in the number of cars parked along the curb during the morning hours. I know that the bad weather makes it inconvenient to escort your child into the school, but please take into consideration the difficulties that creates when busses dropping off our High Point friends cannot access the lane. If you need to park your car and enter the building, please park in the lot. This also keeps the fire lane clear in the event that there is an emergency.

This Friday, February 8th, is a half-day for students. Students will be dismissed at noon, so that teachers may participate in an afternoon in-service. Also, keep in mind that our mid-winter break is scheduled February 18th through February 22nd. After students return, we will begin our TerraNova testing. Please keep in mind that the state expects us to assess our students twice per year, both best practice funds and student performance funds are tied to this requirement. We strive to make the assessment experience as stress free as possible for our students. Primarily, we look for 100% participation, and all we ask of you is that your child comes to school having eaten breakfast and well rested. Students in 2nd through 8th grade will participate in this assessment, and your child’s teacher will contact you with the actual testing schedule for his or her level. The testing window is open through the month of March, so if your child is absent, he or she will be tested on another day.

All the best!


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