Curriculum Based Service-Learning Notes: February 2013

Thank you to all who participated in our annual Honey Creek Blood Drive.  Our goal was to collect at least 31 pints.  We fell just a little short with 28 pints donated.  With lingering flu symptoms this was not a huge surprise!  Students who had an adult donate (or try to) on their behalf will receive their Pint-Size Hero rewards in March.

We also had a great Martin Luther King Jr. assembly at the end of January.  Students spent a week reviewing some of Dr. King’s accomplishments and thinking about what would be important enough for them to do the work that he did. They then created posters with their own message and participated in our own version of the Freedom March around our school and to the WISD building.  It was a big success!  Thank you to Lindsay Parrish and Katie Gates for supporting this work by dedicating art and choir classes to help make the day special!

Keep filling out your service hours on the logs available in the main hall of the school.  Turn completed logs into Johnny Thompson’s mailbox or to your child’s classroom teacher.

If anyone is willing to write a few sentences to share their family’s service experiences I would love to see them (and possibly share them with the school!)  Submit any write-ups to jthompson@hc.wash.k12.mi.us

Thank you!

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