Middle Elementary News: January 2013

With the new year, Mary, Salli and Tammy are seeing new skills, more stamina and more personal and academic responsibility among our amazing students. This is also when we start gradually adding in a new task here and there and raise expectations slightly in many aspect of your students’ lives.

We are really excited about the results we are seeing with the students who are regularly using Reflexmath.com. This program is designed to help students master math facts, generally addition and subtraction for 2nd graders and multiplication and division for 3rd graders. While math is certainly more than recalling facts quickly, having students work on these skills through this program allows classroom teachers to devote more time to applications of these math facts and other math skills and strategies.

Along with the operations work that all students do in math each week, ll 2-3 classrooms will be finishing up aspects of measurement and moving into fractions in January.

We’re excited to have studied two new genres in the nonfiction in the last semester. Besides the how-to genre, students have also been writing informational pieces (aka reports) about various Native American topics. Along with work in the nonfiction genre, students are becoming more familiar with the writing process. Lesson in writing also include grammar, handwriting and word study.

Building good reading habits is a major goal in 2-3. Teachers, librarians and other staff work hard to match readers to texts that are appropriate reading levels and are interesting to each student. This is paying off in the new confidence and reading abilities we are seeing in our students. Please make sure to read the general information that will come with your child’s report card for some slight changes that have taken place in how we assess reading levels K-5.

We will continue to explore Michigan history in January and get ready to do some physical science with force and motion.

Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for our daily outside recess.


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