Media Center News: January 2013

We’re back after a wonderful winter break, ready to keep on reading and researching.

The 2/3 students will be working on traders and Native Americans, and then on states of matter, and we’ve pulled out support material for these projects.  The 4/5s will soon start reading historical fiction, and a collection of these novels has been set aside for them to make their selection easier.  The K/1s will be reading “how to” books, of which we have a nice variety.

We’d like to thank Tammy Hall, David VanLoo, and the Hills for their recent donations of stuffed animals to enrich our read-aloud time with the younger students.  We now have enough critters that every student in a class can have an animal to hold while they listen, and later read to and select books with.  Students have become very responsible in returning each animal to its designated “house” in a storage unit in the Media Center before they return to class.

We’ve been enjoying sharing space with our reading/math interventionist, Dianne Baker, and working with both her and the Title 1 material that is now housed in the Media Center.  The material is being cataloged steadily, starting with the items that are immediately needed each week.  We’ve also worked with her and some of her 4/5 students on report-writing.

Winter is a great time to settle in with an enjoyable book; encourage your students to always have a fun reading item available for free reading time.

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