Technology News: November 2012

In 2/3 technology, students have had an introduction to Google Apps, learning how to use these tools for their own writing as well as getting a taste of collaborative writing & editing. They have really enjoyed the way these tools let them write together, as well as the way it automatically saves their work. We’ve also started our next project, called “kinetic contraptions”. This project started with a physics-based simulation app on the iPads called Tinkerbox, which let the students manipulate objects to make a ball go down a particular path or achieve a pre-determined goal. Now we’re taking those same concepts and ideas into the real world, as students work in teams to build their own contraptions!
In the 4/5 technology classes, students have finished their proposals for what they’d like to record with our highspeed slow motion cameras, and have been busy recording their videos. Most of them are now finished recording and have been working on editing their videos and recording their observations. The Middle School technology classes have been working hard on finishing proposals for using our Vernier data collection tools to investigate the natural world in ways they couldn’t with their own 5 senses. This also has a great tie-in with the recent science field trip; we brought along the same tools and used them in tandem with more traditional water  testing tools to compare and contrast the two ways of testing water. You can see the Field Trip Data Collection photos here:
Middle School Water Testing
In the Middle School technology elective, students finished building their solar ovens, tested them, collected data on their performance, and even got to taste the fruits of their labors by cooking S’Mores with their ovens! You can see their Solar Ovens photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/honeycreekcommunityschool/sets/72157631857453249/
They have now moved on to their second project, focused on making tools to produce clean, drinkable water.

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