Middle School Social Studies: December 2012

In Social Studies students have been working in “centers” in order to learn about the Mayan civilization.  In general, the classroom is set up with articles, websites and videos for them to view.  They then float around the classroom, reading, watching or researching, as well as utilizing their note-taking skills.  They also have the freedom to stay at each center for as long as they like and to use whichever note-taking style they prefer.  This has worked brilliantly thus far.  My role has been to organize the centers, continue to find them informational and interesting resources, and guide them along as they start planning their project.  We take breaks to learn about various concepts, like Mayan math, play games, like the deadly Mayan ballgame, and watch videos that cover the ancient Mayan writing.
We’re going to pick up with the same approach throughout December, except that we’ll be covering the Incas and Aztecs.

Look for interactive student presentations on these three civilizations at the Curriculum Celebration in January.

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