Early Elementary News: December 2012

Early Elementary students have finished up our first theme unit: “My Journey” and are working on finishing our family history projects and life cycle projects. The second unit in our theme is called “My Journey Through School.” The second stanza for our Journeys song explains a bit about this unit:

My second journey is through school

I’ll make maps and learn to help because it’s cool

There are patterns I’ll see if I know Honey Creek

My second journey is through school (“Honey Creek!”)

In this unit students will be learning about how maps can show us where things are in our classrooms and school, how people use maps on their journeys, how we can make observations about what goes on in our school and try to make things more fair and sustainable by doing Academic Service-Learning projects, how germs journey from one person to another to make them sick, and how we can stop them. We will discuss how learning about and observing patterns at school can help us make good choices. We will choose AS-L projects based on our observations of patterns that are not so good for the people in our building and will work together as a level to complete them.


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