Board Notes: December 2012

The Honey Creek Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, Wednesday November 28, 2012

Fund Development Committee: Brian Hockley reports the process for completion the 1023 portion of paperwork needed to finalize 501(c)3 status of the Honey Creek Foundation. Once completed, this will lead to greater fundraising capabilities for the school.

Outreach Committee: Nina Nabors report they are actively working on completing the new teacher bios for the web site and she is actively working on the Honey Creek Story which will be used in a variety of ways including promotion of the school as well as fund raising. The committee notes the interest of some parents to represent HCCS at pre-K groups to further educate our local communities about HCCS and will help facilitate. The committee also discussed the evolution of Honey Bunches of Notes as a mechanism of communication within the school and will continue to assess.

Strategy Committee: Al and Shell continue to work with Nina on the HCCS Story which Al shared with Steven Nose’ . Steven was instrumental is facilitating the HCCS strategic planning process. Al also reports the faculty has been working on a document outlining student expectations for each subject and grade level with the goal to share the information on the web site as well as potential families

Director’s Report: Al reports we received a refund from our liability insurance. The Focus School consultant states HCCS is required to completed two surveys which Al will work on with the faculty. We are in the 4th of our 5 year charter and Al is in the process of assessing the renewal process.

Faculty Liason: Salli reports the faculty remain interested in learning more about the potential development of a management company with regards to process and time line as well as other options the board is assessing with regards to the budget. Al to follow up.

The complete board minutes are available on the HCCS Web site.

The Board will meet next on December 14, 2011 at 5:30 pm in the High Point reception room.


Kelly Krawcke

HCCS Board Secretary


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