Art News: December 2012

Our students have been busy at work on some wonderful creations in art class!  The K/1 classes are currently learning about  line & shape and creating a concentric circle project based off of the work of Wassily Kandinsky.  2/3 classes are beginning to learn about organic vs. geometric lines and shapes and exploring the idea of patterns.  4/5 classes are studying Gustav Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’ and painting gold trees that are decorated with symbols based off of their memories, favorite things, and hobbies.  Middle School classes are learning about printmaking, drawing, and painting combined in a photo-to-canvas transfer project which will eventually become an entire Middle School mural based off of the idea of peace.  Elective classes are moving from their painting project to a 3D sculpting project and producing wonderful work based off of their own creative ideas and concepts.


Don’t forget that if you are looking for a great gift idea for this time of year, our school’s Artsonia site (www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1) is a wonderful place to order gifts with student artwork printed on them!  Part of every purchase goes back to our school for new art supplies.


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