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Technology News: November 2012

In 2/3 technology, students have had an introduction to Google Apps, learning how to use these tools for their own writing as well as getting a taste of collaborative writing & editing. They have really enjoyed the way these tools let them write together, as well as the way it automatically saves their work. We’ve also started our next project, called “kinetic contraptions”. This project started with a physics-based simulation app on the iPads called Tinkerbox, which let the students manipulate objects to make a ball go down a particular path or achieve a pre-determined goal. Now we’re taking those same concepts and ideas into the real world, as students work in teams to build their own contraptions!
In the 4/5 technology classes, students have finished their proposals for what they’d like to record with our highspeed slow motion cameras, and have been busy recording their videos. Most of them are now finished recording and have been working on editing their videos and recording their observations. The Middle School technology classes have been working hard on finishing proposals for using our Vernier data collection tools to investigate the natural world in ways they couldn’t with their own 5 senses. This also has a great tie-in with the recent science field trip; we brought along the same tools and used them in tandem with more traditional water  testing tools to compare and contrast the two ways of testing water. You can see the Field Trip Data Collection photos here:
Middle School Water Testing
In the Middle School technology elective, students finished building their solar ovens, tested them, collected data on their performance, and even got to taste the fruits of their labors by cooking S’Mores with their ovens! You can see their Solar Ovens photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/honeycreekcommunityschool/sets/72157631857453249/
They have now moved on to their second project, focused on making tools to produce clean, drinkable water.

After School Programs News: December 2012

ON-SITE EXTENDED DAY STUDENT CARE WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE FOLLOWING “EARLY DISMISSAL & NO SCHOOL DAYS:” February 8th; March 1st & 8th; April 26th; and May 3rd.  Please register ONE WEEK BEFORE in order to receive the Early Bird Discount.  Also, please remember that you MUST give us 48-hour WRITTEN notice to cancel any pre-registered care without being held financially responsible.


REMINDER: NO ON-SITE STUDENT CARE DURING BREAKS OR ON CERTAIN HOLIDAYS.  This includes:  December 24th-January 4th; January 21st; February 18th-22nd; April 1st-5th; May 27th; and June 12th.


SPECIAL CLUBS.  There are still openings for the following after school special clubs:






Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Music Lessons Music Lessons



Black Belt Soccer (2/3)=FULL Chess


Art K-3 Art 4-8 R.E.C.E.S.S. (4-8)  

Swim Lessons

    Dance Team (4-8)    

Please pick up a registration form from the after school programs bulletin board down the hall from the parent mailboxes.  We are still working on offering the following clubs and activities (please contact us at afterschool@hc.wash.k12.mi.us if you or someone you know is interested in coaching/teaching a special club or activity):


4H, Ballet, Baseball, Basketball, Breakdancing, Campfire, Capoeira, Chinese, Cooking, Crafts, Dance (K-3), Drums, Eco-Maniacs, Electronic Music, Football, French, Garden, German, Girls on the Run, Guys on the Go, Gymnastics, Harp, Hip Hop, History Club, Knitting, Open Swim, Orchestra, Photography, Pilates, Rocks & Robots, Rockets, Sewing, Skateboarding, Spanish (K-2 & MS), Spiral Scouts, Soccer (K/1, 4-8), Study Skills, Tap Dance, Tech, Tennis, Theater, Tutoring, Writing, Yoga, Youth In Government, Zumba,


PLEASE CARE WHAT YOU WEAR.  Recess will be outside every day.  Except for hazardous weather conditions (lightning, severe storms, wind chill below -10° F), we will always go outside for recess.  There is limited indoor space that allows the children opportunities to move around energetically.  Children should always dress for the weather.  Students must wear snow pants, boots, coat, hat, and mittens or gloves in order to play in the snow and sled.

Technology News: December 2012

In 2/3 technology, students have been working hard on their current project, called “kinetic contraptions”. Students are learning about the engineering design process and working in teams to build their own contraptions! They are also using the iPads to document their work with photos and videos.


In the 4/5 technology classes, students have finished their slow motion videos, and we celebrated this by watching them in class during our last session. We were off last week for Thanksgiving, but will be starting a new cross-curricular project integrating technology, language arts, and social studies, based on the “Pure Michigan” ads.


The Middle School technology classes have been finishing up their data collection activities and reflections. I expect all classes to be done by the first week of December, allowing us to start our next project at that time.

Music News: December 2012

Join Honey Creek Community School on December 13th at 3:30 as we present Dig It! A Musical Tale of Ancient Civilizations. Travel back in time and join inquisitive archeologists, Taki and Tut, and their fossil friend, Lucy, as they explore the wonders of ancient civilization. From the farm laborers of early Mesopotamia and Egyptian mummies who “rap” to a chorus of Ancient Greeks and Romulus and Remus who dream of building a great city.


If your student is in band or choir please have them wear black pants and a white shirt. If your student is in the elementary concert please have them dress nicely. We look forward to performing a great show for you and hope to see you there!

Physical Education/Swimming News: December 2012

Throughout December, students will be learning about Heart Rate and how they can utilize it for physical activity. They will also complete some physical fitness testing. Students will be given thorough explanations of each task and given time to practice each. In the pool, classes have been working on swimming endurance while improving their stroke ability. All the classes are making great improvements in their form and abilities.

Art News: December 2012

Our students have been busy at work on some wonderful creations in art class!  The K/1 classes are currently learning about  line & shape and creating a concentric circle project based off of the work of Wassily Kandinsky.  2/3 classes are beginning to learn about organic vs. geometric lines and shapes and exploring the idea of patterns.  4/5 classes are studying Gustav Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’ and painting gold trees that are decorated with symbols based off of their memories, favorite things, and hobbies.  Middle School classes are learning about printmaking, drawing, and painting combined in a photo-to-canvas transfer project which will eventually become an entire Middle School mural based off of the idea of peace.  Elective classes are moving from their painting project to a 3D sculpting project and producing wonderful work based off of their own creative ideas and concepts.


Don’t forget that if you are looking for a great gift idea for this time of year, our school’s Artsonia site (www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1) is a wonderful place to order gifts with student artwork printed on them!  Part of every purchase goes back to our school for new art supplies.


Middle School Language Arts: December 2012

As we moved in to Thanksgiving break, we capped off our short story unit, and started reading fantasy fiction.  Students are arranged in book groups and have chosen to read one of five titles, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis, Skellig by David Almond,  The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman, Gifts by Ursula LeGuin, or Puddlejumpers by Mark Jean and Christopher Carlson.  Each class period they meet to discuss the previous night’s reading.  In addition, we are working on developing literary theories that will culminate in literary essays!

Elizabeth Scott

Middle School Science: December 2012

The middle school will spend time “journeying” towards the amazing and tropical islands of Hawaii.  There we will spend time understanding the processes of how the Earth created and allowed the islands to develop.  From the different geological processes that shaped the islands to the biological areas that make Hawaii a unique place to evolve over time, we will be using our knowledge about watersheds to see it working there.   In addition, we will journey to other places (Michigan, areas of earthquakes, etc.) and see how the Earth is being shaped there as well.


Middle School Social Studies: December 2012

In Social Studies students have been working in “centers” in order to learn about the Mayan civilization.  In general, the classroom is set up with articles, websites and videos for them to view.  They then float around the classroom, reading, watching or researching, as well as utilizing their note-taking skills.  They also have the freedom to stay at each center for as long as they like and to use whichever note-taking style they prefer.  This has worked brilliantly thus far.  My role has been to organize the centers, continue to find them informational and interesting resources, and guide them along as they start planning their project.  We take breaks to learn about various concepts, like Mayan math, play games, like the deadly Mayan ballgame, and watch videos that cover the ancient Mayan writing.
We’re going to pick up with the same approach throughout December, except that we’ll be covering the Incas and Aztecs.

Look for interactive student presentations on these three civilizations at the Curriculum Celebration in January.

Later Elementary News: December 2012


Fourth and Fifth Grade Science is really getting rocky!  Literally, as we are moving into a unit on Geology!  The kids are really fired up about getting this unit off the ground, we are looking forward to learning about the earth’s make up, the systems of plate tectonics and how volcanoes and earthquakes play into this system.  Water’s place in the system, and the materials that make up the earth are all to come, as well as a focus on fossils and the geologic timetable of Earth.  I look forward to lots of hands-on work and projects that relate to this topic.

Language Arts

We are continuing to read Hatchet. Students have been working on reflections in class for each chapter.  Look for a comprehensive portfolio of their work at curriculum fair.  Just a reminder, their adventure book projects are due Dec. 21st … all rubrics/instructions can be found on Johnny’s Literature page on our website.

Social Studies

Students have been building models of landforms out of salt dough in order to show an understanding of how land differentiates from water formations on Earth.  This links nicely with Cheryl’s science lessons in her geology unit.

4/5 students have also started working on the state projects to coincide our unit on Pure Michigan.  More information will be on the website within the week.  They are both rather large, cross-curricular projects that will be ‘chunked‘ into smaller assignments for the students. This really helps them see how to practice using their time management skills on large projects.

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