Music News: November 2012

The music room has been very active lately. In K-1 we have been learning and singing folk songs. They have been applying movement with these songs and have been working on matching pitch. They are all developing some excellent singing voices. The 2-3 students are studying instruments of the orchestra. We read one of our favorite music books “The Composer is Dead” by Limony Snicket. We are also now creating our own pop-up orchestra. When they are finished they will have their own little orchestra to bring home. The 4-5  students are still studying composers and learning some wonderful things about music history. Band 1 students are very excited to  finally be playing together as a large group. We are still learning how to play together, but when we work together we sound great! Band 2 students are finished reviewing concepts from last year, and this week will be receiving the first sheet music for our December concert. Choir students have been working on sight singing skills and refreshing our memory of reading music. They will also receive their first sheet music this week. We hope to see you all at our upcoming concert on December 13th at 3:30.

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