Middle Elementary News: November 2012

With colder weather, please  make sure that your child has gloves, hats, boots and appropriate coats. With the addition of lice to our classrooms, we are not sharing any of these items, but we want children to be warm as we go outside twice a day. Thank you for the support of putting children’s soft items in a bag and then the bag in their locker. This was an idea passed on to us by a “lice specialist”.
November 9 and 27 will both be field trip days for 2-3 children. Children will need to be dressed for the weather for the November 9 trip, and on both days, will need a lunch from home. Our bus will leave promptly at 8:30am!
2nd and 3rd graders are still working on the many, many types of measurement. Time and money are measurement skills and we’ll continue to work on linear, mass and volume measurements. At the same time, math facts and operations are always on our math menus. Many of our students are excited by our new access to reflexmath.com which helps children master the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.
All students will soon begin to read and write “how to” books as an example of informational text. The end project will be a How to Play (a Math Game) with different groups of students writing about all the different games we play. This will help reinforce these games and we’ll be able post these on our website so students can play these games at home. Embedded in this project and in other places will be work on parts of speech for 2nd graders and different types of sentences for 3rd graders.
We will continue our study of early Michigan history through our work with The Birchbark House, hearing legends, Annishnabe stories and Native American poetry and some some hands-on projects. After the Birchbark House, we will continue learning about the fur  trade in Michigan through hearing Traders in Time.
All the 2-3s will be out and about on our school groups mapping, observing and recording what we see. We hope to turn this into some curriculum-based service projects as the children will also be asked how we can use our space in different ways and potential places for improvements. As always, please check http://honeycreekschool.org/2-3/ for the most current information.

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