Early Elementary News: November 2012

Early Elementary classes continue with our theme, “My Journey”. After learning about ourselves and each other, we learned about different families and each child made a family tree that is currently on display. As we learned about family histories, many children brought artifacts from home to share their family histories, helping them understand the differences between how we live today and how people lived in the past, and allowing them to experience how historians use artifacts to learn about history. We then moved on to an author study of Patricia Polacco who writes many books about her family’s history. The children will be working in groups to represent one of the stories in a diorama, retell the story, and answer a series of questions demonstrating their understandings of how discovering and understanding patterns in family histories can help people make good choices. These will be displayed at the winter Curriculum Celebration.
In the science portion of “My Journey”, the children have been learning about the life cycles of living things. They have been making observations of the life cycles of Painted Lady butterflies in the classroom, and have planted garlic in the school garden to observe its life  cycle throughout the school year. The children will work in groups to construct a visual model of a life cycle for the Curriculum Celebration.

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