Middle School Science News: October 2012

Earth Rocks is the first unit that the middle school scientists will be investigating this semester as we “journey” in, over, and around the Earth. We start off with investigating watersheds, especially the one that Honey Creek School is involved with… the Huron River watershed. We are partnering with HRWC to do a field stream study as an outdoor school trip and will need parent volunteers to help chaperone students groups. We are projecting Thursday, October 25th as the date, rain or shine. If you are interested in helping out please feel free to contact me or signup when the informational email comes out this week. In addition we are partnering with Sarah Fick, graduate student at University of Michigan, to assist and participate in her graduate work in science education. Our own classroom will be a laboratory area where we will help her investigate how students learn science topics most effectively. With parent permission she will document and use this data for her dissertation.

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