Middle School Math News: October 2012

What a great way to begin the year with a week at camp… it really gives all of us a chance to get to know one another. After camp the kids were given their class rotations and we have been busy reviewing and learning math since. For those who were not able to make it to Curriculum Night I wanted to direct you to some very helpful websites… to check on homework that is assigned or it’s due date you can go to the middle school math website: honeycreekschool.org/ms/mathematics. There, you will also find Math Expectations, reviewing how the kids will be evaluated. If you look farther into your student’s specific course level you can see what we intend to cover throughout the year. To check out the online textbook, or watch a tutorial of a particular math skill go to: my.hrw.com – your student will have the username and password written in their planner, front page. Speaking of your student’s planner, remember this is our first line of communication. We, the teachers, will stamp the planner if an assignment is completed and turned in on time, and we will circle it if it is not. Feel free to ask your student why they have a circle if they do, and ask to see the completed assignment 🙂 The Algebra class will be having their first test on Tuesday, October 2 over the Foundations of Algebra. The kids have done a great job working independently and budgeting their time, to review this material. We have taken this opportunity to learn how to read a math textbook and how to extract knowledge from it… something they have not done before. In Course 3, these first few weeks have found us in heavy review. Understanding the rational number system, pulling all the knowledge we have learned about integers, fractions, decimals, terminating decimals and repeating decimals, etc. These are skills that have been taught over the middle school and elementary years but we are combining them like never before. Our first test is scheduled for Monday, October 8. Course 2 gets to have a little fun with two-dimensional geometry. Relearning all of the vocabulary and classifications that go along with geometry can be a little confusing at times… but we have worked hard to make it crystal clear. Ask your student to see their notes from class and you will see the work they have put into it. The test is coming soon. In Course 1 we have been working with number sense and patterns. Sorting out the differences between prime and composite numbers, factors and multiples, GCF and LCM, preparing us to move into Number Systems like integers and rational numbers. We will be taking our first test on Monday, October 8. FYI: our students will be  participating in taking the MEAP exam beginning October 9. Please be sure they are getting enough sleep and a good breakfast during  testing times.

Thanks for partnering with your student and me in having a year filled with growth,


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