Early Elementary News: October 2012

We are off to a wonderful school year, and our thematic learning is well underway! Journeys is our year long theme in K-1. We have four thematic units over the course of the school year which we refer to as “My Journey”, “My Journey Through School”, “My Journey Through the Community”, and “My Journey Through the World”. Throughout each thematic unit is the overarching concept of  patterns in journeys. The children are working toward understanding that learning what we teach them helps them to see patterns,  they can make their own observations to discover patterns, and when they discover patterns, they can make informed choices. We  introduced the children to this year’s theme by discussing the definition of a journey, different types of journeys, how life is like a journey, and how learning helps you on your many journeys. We read the Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” and the children got a blank map to draw some of the places they might want to go to or journey to some day. In “My Journey” the children have begun to explore family diversity, self-identity, and personal histories through a variety of activities. We will proceed to learning about heredity, plant and  animal life cycles, and family histories.

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