Middle Elementary News: June 2012

Thank you for sharing your 2nd and 3rd graders with us this year!  We look forward to seeing the wonderful things that await your child next year.

The 2-3s had a Spelling Bee organized by students Kira Sheibar and Eli Atkinson.  The winner was Eli Atkinson, although we applaud all of the 18 contestants that volunteered for this event.

Many children also participated in the Track and Field events that Darnell organized in late May.  Are we lucky to have Darnell working with our children, or what?   In terms of luck, Mary, Salli and Tammy are also grateful to Mary Masson, the Minnock boys’ grandma, who has been and will continue to be working with the 2-3 teachers to strengthen our reading and writing instruction.

We had a great time exploring plants in our last science unit.  There are so many opportunities to continue the plant study that we will also incorporate plants next year into our Native American and Michigan history units.

Summer is a great time to keep up all the great reading your child has been doing!   While you’re doing that, please support the PTO Read-A-Thon and keep the Run-Walk-A-Thon on your calendar for September 29th.  A few math facts here and there would also really help keep the skills sharp.

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