Later Elementary News: June 2012

With the school year ending, 4/5 students have reflected on their language arts learning this year.  It has been a really fun and informative task.  Below are some quotes from these reflections, but make sure to check out your student’s essay!  I also want to thank all families for their support this year as students worked through some really challenging independent projects.  Fifth graders should be feeling very confident about their ability to tackle middle school projects and fourth graders are very well prepared to manage these projects more independently next year.

Some essay quotes:

  • In language arts class I have found many skills we learn to be useful.  One example is our myth assignment. I’ve never liked speaking, or been good at it.  Reading myths has also never been an interest of mine.  With this project we not only had to read and memorize a myth, but take on a character and retell it.  This was very difficult for me, and although I didn’t do great, it helped me–5th grader
  • I think I learned the most when we read Maniac Magee.  I observed how the author wrote and used what we discussed to improve my own writing–5th grader
  • The reading this year changed me a whole lot.  I’ve got better writing because of that–5th grader
  • I like that we got to work in groups sometimes and the projects were fun, not boring paper worksheets-4th grader
  • I learned a lot this year.  Some stuff was the same as 2/3, but in a more complex manner–4th grader
  • What had the biggest effect on me is my writing.  I used to write in long blocks but Johnny helped me put them in paragraphs and now I love writing–4th grader

I’ve greatly enjoyed working with your kids this year in social studies! They are an insightful, thoughtful, and highly capable crew! We ended the year discussing the lead up to the American Revolution, and while we didn’t have a chance to address the conflict itself I believe students came away with a relatively clear picture of why it happened. I wish you all the very best for an enjoyable and relaxing summer filled with interesting and thought provoking social studies related conversations!

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