Art News: June 2012

The year has come to a close and I am very proud of the spectacular amount of hard work and creativity that has gone into each project during this wonderful school year.   Our K/1 classes have finished up their hot air balloon projects and had a fantastic trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Art.  Our 2/3 classes wrapped up their Jasper Johns alphabets, and 4/5 classes completed their Picasso portraits.  Middle School students did a wonderful job finishing their optical illusions in colored pencil, and elective has done wonderful work on their final projects, taking inspiration from an artist of their choice to create a piece of art.

This has been an absolutely wonderful second year at Honey Creek for me, and I am so excited to come back in the fall and continue to work with our creative bunch!  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!  Be sure to check out Artsonia to see some our awesome final projects!  www.artsonia.com/honeycreekcommunity1

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