Wellness Committee News: May 2012

The Earth Day celebration is rescheduled for Monday, May 7. We still need volunteers for the afternoon activities. Please contact Deb (tantrefarm@hotmail.com) or Jane (Jane Pacheco janeden@sbcglobal.net) if you are interested in helping.

The featured vegetable for May is Michigan-grown asparagus*. Farm to School and Try-it Tuesday dishes will contain the asparagus.

The Wellness committee is providing fruit for the classroom snack bowls the week of May 21 and for bagel fridays (50 cents a piece).

Our next Wellness meeting will soon be announced. Our last meeting will be an informal gathering to recap the year and to plan for the next.

*Asparagus Facts –

Other asparagus facts: Michigan is 3rd in asparagus production in the U.S. Asparagus is another member of the lily family. It’s a good source of folic acid, vitamin A, B, and C, plus fiber. White asparagus must be grown in the darkness by mounding the hills over the crowns to become white. The stalks of white asparagus must be peeled before cooking.

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