Middle School Social Studies News: May 2012

In Social Studies, we have wrapped up a very successful microeconomics unit, ending with an eventful Bartering Bonanza.  Students raised an impressive amount of items to donate to the Delonis Center, shattering all previous records.  It’s early May and I’m still taking items to the homeless shelters.  Thanks to everyone who popped in to witness the Bonanza or helped out in one way or another.

We have just begun our final unit of the year: Africa.  In line with the Language Arts and Science sub-theme of Mystery, I have created the unit with the intent of having kids do some detective work.  I have presented them with three present-day scenarios and students have to match them up with the following three countries: Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.  Then, they will have to use their research and inquiry skills to determine what factors put each of those countries in its current state.  They will study economics, history, geography, politics and culture to create hypotheses as to why South Africa seems relatively stable while Zimbabwe is in utter shambles.  It’s an ambitious unit for just five weeks but we’ll do our best to cover as much as we can.

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