Middle Elementary News: May 2012

We hope you’re reading the classroom blogs each week to get up-to-date and specific information on what is happening in each classroom! Our last field trip will be to Hudson Mills Metro Park on Friday, May 11th. Exactly like the trip last month, we will leave at 8:15, children need a lunch and plan dress for the weather as we’ll be outside the whole day. If you have questions about chaperones, please contact Salli.

May is busy! Along with a field trip, Earth Day, Curriculum Celebration and our Spring Performance, we have “Move-Up” for the 3rd graders on May 10th. On this morning, they will spend some time in each of the 4/5 classrooms to get an idea of what next year will bring. Because May is so busy, we have changed the spelling schedule slightly. Please see the classroom blog or check with your child for the specific schedule. The last week for homework and spelling will be May 21st-25th.

All children have been working hard on their animal reports. We’ll also be writing poems about our animals and putting in several examples of using our math skills with our animals as the star! Children have loved learning about the classifications of animals and how animals adapt to their individual habitats. Jean Craighead George writes a wonderful series that we’re listening to called One Day in the (Rainforest, Desert, Prairie, Woods, Alpine Tundra). These books are packed with information on plants and animals. These books will be the bridge that leads us from animals to plants for our final, big unit of the year.

As a part of the plant unit, the 2-3 classes will be turning the garden in front of A4 into a 2nd edible garden.  If you are interest in helping with this 2nd edible garden, please contact Christine Billick.

While not in our state-required social studies objectives, all classrooms have been learning about the seven continents and five oceans. We have found this to be necessary for the children to understand about their animal’s habitats. It also helps support some of the gaps the HCCS social studies’ committee has found in 4/5 and middle school.

During our reading, writing and researching, we are constantly amazed at how much stamina and growth the children have gained in reading and writing! Students should be really proud of how much they have learned this year. We are so grateful to parents that provide a structure for daily reading at home as this is essential for optimal literacy learning.

Math finds us working on fractions, graphing and in the final push to master subtraction facts for 2nd graders and multiplication facts for 3rd graders. In addition, 2nd graders should be secure in their knowledge of regrouping (carrying and borrowing) two, 2-digit numbers and 3rd graders should be using multiplication to figure out division facts and be able to multiply a 1-digit number by powers of 10 (3×90, 6×50, etc.).

Darnell hosted and organized the 2nd 2-3 soccer tournament in April. The children were super excited and are looking forward to the 2-3 track meet in May.

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