Media Center News: May 2012

The end of this school year is approaching fast and, like every classroom, the Media Center will have things to be accomplished before the last day.  The Media Center  will close to checkouts/classes and for Recess on May 29.  This gives until June 8 to gather in the material currently checked out, and to do a complete inventory.

This process is important in clearing up long-standing inaccuracies in the record of what is owned or is still showing in the catalog as checked out to students or staff from months (years?) past.  We think that we’ll be able to finalize the inventory this spring after two years of clean-up work.

Please reassure your students that no overdue fees are charged; lost material must be either paid for or replaced with another copy of the same item.  If you’re worried about material that your student has possibly lost, payment or replacement needn’t take place until the last couple of days of school; there is time to do the last searching for those elusive items.  Teachers may want to look over their classroom book collections for stray Media Center material; items checked out to students sometimes end up there.  If you find Media Center material during the summer, please return it to the Honey Creek office.

Our wonderful Spring Book Fair is this month!  Look for the Fair during Curriculum Celebration, in the Media Center from 5:00- 7:00 p.m. on May 18.  Nicola’s Books will have copies of recently-released items as well as a number of things requested by teachers and students.  Please support both our Media Center and our local bookseller by shopping the Book Fair.

Honey Creek now has an Archive!  During this spring, I have been locating, accurately cataloging, and arranging the material in our collection that has been written or generated by Honey Creek students and staff over the years.  This Archive is available to anyone in the Honey Creek community who wants a look back at some of the projects and initiatives done at our school since the mid-1990s.  The Media Center is happy to make copies of any information you might want from the Archives.

I’d like to offer thanks, on behalf of the Honey Creek community, to Dianne McLaren-Brighton.  She recently completed here Master’s degree studies in school media center management, and worked with us for her field work.  She’s also volunteered to help with some of the year-end inventory and clean-up in preparation for 2012-2013.  Thanks, Dianne, for everything you’ve done for our Media Center this semester!

Thanks to each one of you for all the help you give to the Media Center all year; I hope that we’ve been a good part of your year, too.

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