Later Elementary News: May 2012

4/5 Science classes are bouncing, sliding, flinging, and propelling objects all over the classroom in their quest to understand energy (kinetic and potential) as well as how all this energy transfers through materials.  We move on this month to study different forms of energy: electric, solar, wind, hydro, sound, mechanical, chemical, and more!

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past month discussing what life was like for different groups of people living in Colonial America. Students have been working in groups to develop posters highlighting what life was like during this pre-Revolutionary period in American history.  After our spring curriculum celebration we’ll be focusing on the reasons for the American Revolutionary War, the key players responsible for stoking revolutionary sentiments, and the key battles that took place early in the war.

Look for the culmination of a lot of thoughtful projects at curriculum celebration!Students’ book projects are due May 14 and will be on display.  You will also be able to watch students’ individual retellings as well as small group mystery plays.  Finally, you will see their Maniac Magee maps that show the important locations from our whole-class novels.  Throughout the month of May students will be wrapping up these projects in preparation for curriculum celebration.  They will also begin studying the usefulness of thesauruses and create their own, personal thesaurus, for their most commonly used words.

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