Board News: May 2012

The Honey Creek Board of Trustees met on Wednesday  April  25, 2012.

The Fund Development Committee has completed the initial Articles of Incorporation of the new fund raising organization and is awaiting attorney review prior to submitting for 501c3 status.

The Outreach Committee recently sent an email including a survey for the community to complete.  They have also invited the new HCCS families to our Spring Festival and Curriculum Celebration to get a better sense of  the uniqueness of HCCS.

The Strategy Committee met and drafted a fourth strategic goal which is remains a work in progress.

The updated anti-bullying policy was unanimously approved and can be viewed on the website.

There will be two vacancies on the Board for the 2012-2013 school year.  If you or someone you know are interested, please contact Kelly Krawcke at kkrawcke@umich.edu for additional information.  Nominations are accepted thru May 15th with the election to be held May 22nd during the Spring Performance.   Another email will be sent with the application this week.

The next board meeting is scheduled for May 23, 2012 in the High Point conference room (known as the Pit).  As always, the meeting is open to the community.



Kelly Krawcke, Secretary


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