Technology News: April 2012

    In 2/3 technology, we are finishing up the “Inventors and Inventions” unit. The last inventor we studied was Leonardo da Vinci. Students heard a historical fiction story about him during read-aloud time (“Monday with a Mad Scientist”, one of the Magic Treehouse books), and we were able to use this as a language arts tie-in to make connections with what students already knew. Students also practiced sketching mechanisms by drawing and writing about some simple tools and machines, and have been using Erector to build their own “useful machines” inspired by Leonardo’s designs and ideas.

     The 4/5 technology classes have now finished their Trading Cards project. Students took photos, learned how to design cards using Pages, and have been getting their designs printed out. They look great!

     The Middle School technology classes are in the middle of the Sustainable House Design project. Most students have finished their rough floor plans (which they created using Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile on the iPads), and are working on finishing their final floor plans using graph paper, design templates, and other tools. We’re starting construction now that we are back from spring break!

     The Middle School technology elective class, 3d Modeling and Prototyping, has been making great progress in the process of drawing, designing, and creating objects. Students are having great fun going through the design process, using SketchUp to bring their ideas to life in 3-D. Watch for more great things in the next few months, as prototypes get built and we go further into topics like 3-D animation, 3-D printing, and the manufacturing process.

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