Physical Education News: April 2012

    I am excited to announce that the Middle School Swim Elective will be taking a field trip to Canham Natatorium on April 25th. Canham is located at the University of Michigan and is the pool where Michael Phelps trained. Traveling here will not only be inspiring for our students but it will allow them to practice skills that we can’t practice in the Honey Creek pool. Students will learn diving skills and also be able to see themselves swimming by looking at the bottom of the pool that is filled with mirrors. This will prove to be very helpful! If you are a parent of a middle schooler who is in the swim elective please let me know ASAP if you are able to volunteer to drive. We will leave the school by 12:30 and return by 2:30.

The Middle School completed their maturation unit in March. I would like to commend them on doing a fabulous job of participating and listening well!

In PE, the K/1 and 2/3 classes will be focusing on jump rope skills. This is an important skill to learn and it takes much practice. Please consider purchasing a jump rope for your home and encouraging your children to practice!

The K-5 swimmers have been working hard all year long. They have become very strong swimmers- some able to tread water for 10 minutes and more! The 4/5s are able to swim up to 10 laps in one class period! We have 20 K/1 deep end swimmers and 49 out of 53 2/3s have passed the deep end test! Your students have proven they know how to be safe in the water! Please congratulate them on their hard work and effort in the pool.

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