Middle School Math News: April 2012

Geometry is the main topic in Middle School Math this month.  Course 1, Course 2, and Course 3 will all be focusing on geometry in April.  Of course each of them will have a slightly different focus:  In Course 1 the basics of Area and Volume will be discussed.  Course 2 will spend more time identifying and classifying various objects and shapes, and the move into 2-D and 3-D geometry.  Finally, in Course 3 we’ll focus on transformations, volume and surface area.

Now that we know how to add, subtract, and multiply polynomials in Algebra, this month we will be learning how to factor, you remember, “unFOIL.”  It’s sure to be great fun!  Before the end of the month we will be moving on to Quadratic Equations!  It’s an exciting time in middle school math these days 🙂


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