Media Center News: April 2012

There are several projects going on now in the school that the Media Center is part of.  The 2/3s are just about to begin their first research project.  The subject is animals, and we have been busy planning with their teachers, arranging some demos of resources they’ll need and putting links onto the Media Center’s web page, and gathering print material ahead of time. We’re really looking forward to this, as it will be the first time students have done organized research that will result in the answering of key questions about animals and presenting their findings.  It will, hopefully, be a fun assignment for them; it certainly is for us!

The 4/5s are doing two projects: a Newbery-medal winner reading challenge, and a Social Studies research project on colonial American regions.  They are trying to answer the question, “What was life like in…?”  We’ve gathered print and electronic resources for this one, too, and have been working with students to ferret out the tricky, hard-to-find bits of info.  There is also a cart full of all the Newbery winner and honor books that the collection holds.  Our student librarian, Dianne McLaren-Brighton, has been busy compiling lists of these, and of the titles we don’t yet own.  This list will be part of next year’s collection development plan.

Coming up in May is an event the Honey Creek community won’t want to miss: the Spring Book Fair, hosted by our local bookseller, Nicola’s Books.  The Fair will run during the spring Curriculum Celebration, and will have lots of good books that students and others will want to have ready to go for summer reading.

Anyone who would like to honor a graduate, a good year’s work by a student, a birthday, or other special event by donating a book in that person’s honor to Honey Creek Media Center may want to shop the Book Fair on May 18.  The Media Center keeps a wish-list on Amazon.com that can be used to select items particularly needed.  Nicola’s can likely get anything on this list if you want to buy locally.

Though she’s been busy making Newbery lists, Dianne has also been active in working with our students during her field placement time here.  She’s doing read-aloud with some of the classes, is working on a presentation on the poet Shel Silverstein, has done lots of research and reference help with students, book selection for next year, and many of the daily tasks that keep a media center running smoothly.  She’ll be here until the end of April, when she will finish her program.

As we start to close in on the end of the school year, the Media Center will be sending out reminder notices to students of the items they have checked out.  The lists will include both current check-outs and items they’ve had for some time.  Those planning to be in another school next year are asked to pay particular attention to these, as all borrowers’ accounts should be clear by the end of school.  We’re grateful for all the help we receive from parents who work with their kids to develop responsibility for borrowed items, and who return things by the bagful!  Thank you!

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