Art News: April 2012

Spring is here, and that means some exciting new art projects are happening at Honey Creek!  The K/1 classes are currently learning about Vincent van Gogh and his Sunflowers.  The students are learning to further their art history knowledge, as well as their drawing and painting skills with this project.

2/3 classes are working on their animal drawings.  They are learning about scale, texture, and proportions when drawing.

4/5 classes are finishing up a project on Georgia O’Keeffe; in which colored pencil and pastels are used to create soft blends, vibrant colors, and show details in some beautiful plants and flowers.

Middle School classes have just finished their Easter Island sculpture lesson, and the results of their painted Moai figures have been outstanding!

The Elective class is currently learning about color theory and painting techniques in preparation for a final project in which each student will choose an artist, research that artist, and create a piece inspired by their style and work.  Remember, you can see all of our students’ hard work on our Honey Creek art website, Artsonia, by going to www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1

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