Technology News: March 2012

In 2/3 technology, we are in the middle of our “Inventors and Inventions” unit. We’ve finished roller coasters, and then moved on to flight, studying the Wright Brothers and testing wing designs. This week, we studied Henry Ford and the invention of the moving assembly line.

The 4/5 technology classes are continuing work on their Trading Cards project. Students have been taking photos, learning how to design cards using Pages, and getting their designs ready to print out.

The Middle School technology classes are in the middle of the Sustainable House Design project. They have been doing their design work. This includes things like analyzing what a house’s ecological footprint is, and starting the rough draft of their house’s floor plans. They are using the iPads with a new  tool called Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile, which is giving a new experience on drawing.

The Middle School technology elective class, 3d Modeling and Prototyping, has been making great progress in the process of drawing, designing, and creating objects. Students started out doing basic 3-view plan drawings, then started SketchUp training for their first assignments. Some students have moved on to start their first design project, using Moodle to get the requirements for the project and designing their projects using pencil & paper, Google SketchUp, and working on building prototypes of their objects.

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