Physical Education News: March 2012

     Before break we finished up presentations and game play of 4/5 and MS game designs. The students were very creative with this and everyone enjoyed playing the winning games. We also did a bit of yoga review the last 2 weeks before break. The younger levels worked on finishing their manipulative skills unit and also some basic yoga.

Coming up in PE the older levels will be learning the game of team handball. This game is most popular in Europe and is an Olympic sport. Not very many students have heard of this game. It is a combination of basketball and soccer. Students will learn team building skills, goal tending, offensive and defensive strategies, communication skills and manipulative skills (dribbling, throwing, catching, shooting).

The younger levels will be focusing on team building activities. They will play fun games that require teamwork, communication and cooperation to achieve the task.

In swimming we are continuing to progress at all grade levels in more specific areas of the strokes. We are digging deeper and learning that the better form you have with your stroke the easier it will be for you to swim and the less tired you will be! In addition to strokes (front, back, elementary, side stroke and breast stroke) students are also learning treading, surface diving, team building and strength and conditioning.

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