Middle School Social Studies News: March 2012

In Social Studies, students finished up a series of debates on homelessness.  Each class argued the civility and constitutionality of various policies that have been passed in cities around the United States.  First hour debated whether camping outdoors should be illegal.  Second hour debated whether panhandling should be illegal.  Third hour debated whether police “sweeps” of homeless people was legal.  And fourth hour debated whether feeding large groups of people in public should be illegal.  Students’ arguments are in the process of being transformed into persuasive essays, which will be on display at the Curriculum Celebration in May.

To finish off our unit on homelessness, we have begun preparing for a simulation in which middle school parents will be asked to go through a week in the life of a homeless person.  Students are taking on various roles, from business owners and directors of homeless shelters to biographers and outreach specialists.  Look for this simulation to occur after school sometime in early March.

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