Middle School Math News: March 2012

Dear Community:  In Course 2, we are doing a project that requires quite a bit of nice pieces of cardboard.  I have been receiving some nice pieces, what I am still missing are 1 or 2 LARGE pieces.  If you have any nice, large (4 foot +) pieces, please drop them by my room in the A-wing.  Thanks.

All of the middle school math classes will be taking the Terra Nova test in the near future.  Course 2, will be taking it on  March 7th and Course 3 and Algebra will be taking it on March 8th.  Course 1 has a unit test on the 7th so they will be scheduled to take the Terra Nova on March 12.  Please support your student by making sure they get a good nights sleep, breakfast, and encouragement to be relaxed, and to do their best.

In Algebra, we have a couple of things going on at the same time.  We will be working on a project called Consumer Report using systems of linear equations.  We have also begun a unit covering polynomials… their first real introduction to x²y⁵z – 4z², and the like.

In Course 3 we are working on a short unit covering percents – real life math most of us use everyday.  Next we will look into statistics.

In Course 2, as I mentioned earlier, we are working on a project that requires cardboard.  It’s a surprise for curriculum celebration, but I will tell you it is an application of scale models.

In Course 1, we are working with integers – understanding them, and using them in the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).  Next, we will look into data and statistics.

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