Middle Elementary News: March 2012

Mary, Salli and Tammy hope to see all of you at our spring conferences on March 10th.

Please remember to dress for the weather. March can be quite muddy, which means that snow or rain boots are still necessary if your child wants to venture off the sidewalks or play-structures during recess.

Our students are finishing up their explorations of rocks and minerals and are learning more about how renewable and nonrenewable resources work. In addition, each student is getting ready to research, read and write about an animal of their choice. Besides individual animal studies, students will be learning about the adaptations of plants and animals.

In math we are still working on geometry and diving into fractions. Fractions and geometry have so many connections! Students are learning how to classify shapes (geometry) and how they can be divided (fractions). We are always working on math facts in our classrooms. 2nd grade students need to add and subtract fluently within 20 and 3rd grade students need to multiply within 100 fluently by the end of the year. While we encourage using manipulatives, fingers or other tangible strategies while mastering the conceptual understandings behind addition, subtraction and multiplication facts, fluency means that students are able to come up with the answer accurately and efficiently.

We are so proud of the stamina and perseverance our students are showing in their independent reading. 2/3 teachers work hard to make sure that each child is reading at their level, understanding what they read and working on higher level comprehension strategies during Read to Self (independent reading). Consistent reading at home is essential for developing these skills. All of the classrooms spend quality time each week listening to and interacting with a class book.

In writing, we continue to work on the parts of speech, specifically nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Our writers are also learning many revision tools, or ways to make each writing piece better. Snapshots, questions and explode the moment are three of the most common tools used for our middle elementary writers. Weekly, daily and hourly, we also reinforce the essential ideas of a complete sentence: a capital letter, an end mark and a complete thought.


A soccer-ific thank you goes to to Darnell for organizing a soccer tournament for the 2-3 students!  

They had a great time!

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