Media Center News: March 2012

The Media Center is privileged to have working with us Dianne McLaren-Brighton, who is studying School Library and Information Technology through Mansfield University in Pennsylvania.  She’s doing her field work with us on Wednesdays and Fridays up through the end of April, and will be engaging in several interesting projects that will benefit our students and the Media Center’s program.  Dianne has, so far, enjoyed read-aloud with some of our K/1 and Middle School classes, materials selection for next school year, and working on a web site for the 2/3s’ upcoming Michigan critters project.  Dianne’s son, Will, is an 8th grader at Honey Creek.

Speaking of Michigan critters, we’re looking forward to working with the 2/3s on this project.  The Media Center will be working on teaching some research techniques, the use of indexes in informational books, and citing of sources to give appropriate credit to authors and website designers.

Thanks go out to some of Cindy’s math students who helped us with measurements and calculations needed as we consider adding some new shelving in the Easy Books section.  We’re looking at putting in some picture-book shelving, and the students calculated for us the minimum number of shelves we’d need to accommodate the current collection plus some room for growth.  Picture-book shelving comes with dividers on each shelf that keep the skinny, slippery picture books from going everywhere when little hands take them out and put them back; they are also lower to the ground in consideration of the shortness of the students who use them!  We think they’d be much more user-friendly to our youngest students as they struggle to manage book-ends and tall shelves.

As you may know, the access to the Media Center’s online materials catalog changed with the website design change.  To find the catalog, go to the Current Families link near the top, and select Media Center from the list of Specials.  The catalog is linked prominently in large blue font.  Don’t forget that the catalog is available 24/7 for gathering possible sources for projects or that interesting fiction book for pleasure reading.

Planning ahead, mark down that the Spring Book Fair, hosted by Nicola’s Books, will be on May 18 in the Media Center.

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