Early Elementary News: March 2012

In theme, we are finishing the introduction to our Food Systems Unit. The children have discussed where food comes from, how it gets from the farm to their homes, and different means of production (organic and conventional).  For many of the discussions they were able to refer back to their experiences during our field trip to Tantré Farm.

The next step is for the children to examine how the food system works in greater detail, following the path of bread from farm to factory, to store, to table. Each child will choose to participate in a group that examines one part of the process in greater detail and will then share what they’ve learned with the rest of the class. This is called a “jigsaw” approach and it allows children to learn about the area of their choice in greater depth while still covering all of the material.

In addition to this, students are looking forward to our upcoming field trip wherein we will get to experience bread making in a local bakery firsthand! Our field trip is scheduled for Monday, March 26th from 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. at the Great Harvest Bread Company in Brighton. The cost of the trip is $2.00 per student and is due to your child’s teacher by March 19th.

For this field trip students will work in three shifts rotating through the bakery, a play structure, and nearby hiking trails. Students should be dressed for the weather and have boots to be fully prepared for all activities.

Great Harvest has requested that as many parent chaperones attend as possible. Parents do not need to pay for the field trip but they would greatly appreciate any purchase from the bakery while we’re there. Chaperones are not able to ride the bus with us but should meet us there. Sign up sheets for chaperones are posted outside each K-1 classroom. Thanks!

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