A-Wing Kitchen Remodeled!

A-Wing Kitchen Remodeled!

Cooking is a fantastic way to incorporate academic, personal and social skills and even weave in lots of STEM and Wellness concepts. We are so grateful to  Mike Wynn, McKinley Facilities,  Dane McClellan, DNA Contractors and Tim and Karen Andrews for helping make the A-Wing kitchen more user-friendly.

Many thanks go out to Brennan Diaz and his family, Roman and Carole Quesada, Alex and Zach Sabin, Karen, Caroline and Katherine Andrews and Joe Hall for helping with the clean-up phase on a Sunday.

Since so many of the appliances and pots and pans were rusted, broken or unusable, Tammy Hall will be organizing a wish list for items soon. If you happen to have any of these around the house or want to donate, please contact her at thall@hc.wash.k12.mi.us.

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