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After School Programs News: March 2012

After School Programs


Please register 1 WEEK BEFORE in order to receive the Early Bird Discount.  Also, please remember that you MUST give us 48-hour WRITTEN notice to cancel any pre-registered care without being held financially responsible.

REMINDER: NO ON-SITE STUDENT CARE DURING BREAKS OR ON CERTAIN HOLIDAYS.  This includes:  April 2nd-6th; May 28th; and June 8th.


SPECIAL CLUBS  There are still openings for the following after school special clubs:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Music Lessons Music Lessons Music Lessons Music Lessons Swim Lessons
Basketball(K-3) Art K-3 (FULL) Choi Kwang Do Capoeira Theater – (3-6) (FULL)
Chess- ADV Basketball (4-8) Art 4-8 Eco-Maniacs Music Lessons
  Italian Theater (3-6) (FULL) Dance 2nd-8th  
  Dance K-1 Chess – BEG/INT    

Please pick up a registration form online or from the after school programs bulletin board down the hall from the parent mailboxes.

Please stay tuned for information on these and other activities:

4H, Art, Ballet, Baseball, Basketball, Brownies, Campfire, Chinese, Cooking, Crafts, Dance, Drums, Eco-Maniacs, Electronic Music, Fitness, Football, French, Garden, German, Guitar, Gymnastics, Harp, Hip Hop, History Club, Knitting, Open Swim, Orchestra, Photography, Pilates, Rocks & Robots, Rockets, Sewing, Skateboarding, Spanish, Spiral Scouts, Soccer, Strings, Study Skills, Tap Dance, Tech, Tennis, Theater, Tutoring, Violin, Writing, Yoga, Youth In Government, Zumba

PLEASE CARE WHAT YOU WEAR.  Recess will be outside everyday.  Except for hazardous weather conditions (lightning, severe storms, wind chill below -10° F), we will always go outside for recess.  There is limited indoor space that allows the children opportunities to move around energetically.  Children should always dress for the weather.  Students must wear snow pants, boots, coat, hat, and mittens or gloves in order to play in the snow and sled.

REGISTER NOW FOR SUMMER CAMP!  Camp is filling up fast.  Please reserve your spot soon to join us for a fun-filled summer.  Information and registration is available outside the After School & Camp Programs office and at http://honeycreekschool.org/summer-program

Academic Service-Learning News: March 2012

Students are continuing to track their AS-L hours and, based on these sheets, I’ve seen some great evidence of the work they are doing in our community.  It’s always impressive to me to see so many students dedicate time to others outside of school!

On April 29 there is another opportunity for students to get out and celebrate a good cause.  The March of Dimes is holding their annual March for Babies, a 3-mile long walk, which will take place in Dexter at Hudson Mills Metropark.  Registration begins at 9 am and the walk begins at 10am.  It would be great if we could get a Honey Creek team out there for the event.  If anyone is interested in learning more or setting up a team please visit the website www.marchforbabies.org  If we do get an interested group, the March of Dimes has offered to come visit the school and talk with students!

Also in April, Earth Day is approaching!  Look for more news from some of our wonderful parent volunteers as they are currently planning another educational, fun and rewarding event for this day.


Keep up the good work!

Technology News: March 2012

In 2/3 technology, we are in the middle of our “Inventors and Inventions” unit. We’ve finished roller coasters, and then moved on to flight, studying the Wright Brothers and testing wing designs. This week, we studied Henry Ford and the invention of the moving assembly line.

The 4/5 technology classes are continuing work on their Trading Cards project. Students have been taking photos, learning how to design cards using Pages, and getting their designs ready to print out.

The Middle School technology classes are in the middle of the Sustainable House Design project. They have been doing their design work. This includes things like analyzing what a house’s ecological footprint is, and starting the rough draft of their house’s floor plans. They are using the iPads with a new  tool called Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile, which is giving a new experience on drawing.

The Middle School technology elective class, 3d Modeling and Prototyping, has been making great progress in the process of drawing, designing, and creating objects. Students started out doing basic 3-view plan drawings, then started SketchUp training for their first assignments. Some students have moved on to start their first design project, using Moodle to get the requirements for the project and designing their projects using pencil & paper, Google SketchUp, and working on building prototypes of their objects.

Media Center News: March 2012

The Media Center is privileged to have working with us Dianne McLaren-Brighton, who is studying School Library and Information Technology through Mansfield University in Pennsylvania.  She’s doing her field work with us on Wednesdays and Fridays up through the end of April, and will be engaging in several interesting projects that will benefit our students and the Media Center’s program.  Dianne has, so far, enjoyed read-aloud with some of our K/1 and Middle School classes, materials selection for next school year, and working on a web site for the 2/3s’ upcoming Michigan critters project.  Dianne’s son, Will, is an 8th grader at Honey Creek.

Speaking of Michigan critters, we’re looking forward to working with the 2/3s on this project.  The Media Center will be working on teaching some research techniques, the use of indexes in informational books, and citing of sources to give appropriate credit to authors and website designers.

Thanks go out to some of Cindy’s math students who helped us with measurements and calculations needed as we consider adding some new shelving in the Easy Books section.  We’re looking at putting in some picture-book shelving, and the students calculated for us the minimum number of shelves we’d need to accommodate the current collection plus some room for growth.  Picture-book shelving comes with dividers on each shelf that keep the skinny, slippery picture books from going everywhere when little hands take them out and put them back; they are also lower to the ground in consideration of the shortness of the students who use them!  We think they’d be much more user-friendly to our youngest students as they struggle to manage book-ends and tall shelves.

As you may know, the access to the Media Center’s online materials catalog changed with the website design change.  To find the catalog, go to the Current Families link near the top, and select Media Center from the list of Specials.  The catalog is linked prominently in large blue font.  Don’t forget that the catalog is available 24/7 for gathering possible sources for projects or that interesting fiction book for pleasure reading.

Planning ahead, mark down that the Spring Book Fair, hosted by Nicola’s Books, will be on May 18 in the Media Center.

Music News: March 2012

    This month in music class, we will be wrapping up all the units we have been working on and begin reviewing all the concepts we have learned since the beginning of the school year.

The 2-3 and 4-5 classes did a fantastic job with the recorders and learned a lot about music notation and music theory.

This week both of the bands and the choir will begin working on music for our concert coming up in May. I will reveal the theme of this year’s spring concert in the May edition of Honey Bunches of Notes. Until then we will be working hard to prepare for a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

Art News: March 2012

Honey Creek students have been working hard on some wonderful projects lately.  K/1 classes are learning about Claude Monet and landscape paintings, and are recreating a wonderful project on the Japanese bridge that Monet was so well known for painting.

2/3 classes are working on printmaking, and are currently finishing up creating their “printing plates.”

4/5 classes will be starting a project on Georgia O’Keeffe, learning about her famous flower paintings.

Middle School students are working on their sculptures based on the Moai statues of Easter Island.

The Middle School Elective students recently took a wonderful field trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Art, and we all had a wonderful experience!  Thanks goes out to the Fine Arts committee and all of our parent chaperones, and especially Bruce Worden and Karen Giltrow for all of their help!

Physical Education News: March 2012

     Before break we finished up presentations and game play of 4/5 and MS game designs. The students were very creative with this and everyone enjoyed playing the winning games. We also did a bit of yoga review the last 2 weeks before break. The younger levels worked on finishing their manipulative skills unit and also some basic yoga.

Coming up in PE the older levels will be learning the game of team handball. This game is most popular in Europe and is an Olympic sport. Not very many students have heard of this game. It is a combination of basketball and soccer. Students will learn team building skills, goal tending, offensive and defensive strategies, communication skills and manipulative skills (dribbling, throwing, catching, shooting).

The younger levels will be focusing on team building activities. They will play fun games that require teamwork, communication and cooperation to achieve the task.

In swimming we are continuing to progress at all grade levels in more specific areas of the strokes. We are digging deeper and learning that the better form you have with your stroke the easier it will be for you to swim and the less tired you will be! In addition to strokes (front, back, elementary, side stroke and breast stroke) students are also learning treading, surface diving, team building and strength and conditioning.

Middle School Math News: March 2012

Dear Community:  In Course 2, we are doing a project that requires quite a bit of nice pieces of cardboard.  I have been receiving some nice pieces, what I am still missing are 1 or 2 LARGE pieces.  If you have any nice, large (4 foot +) pieces, please drop them by my room in the A-wing.  Thanks.

All of the middle school math classes will be taking the Terra Nova test in the near future.  Course 2, will be taking it on  March 7th and Course 3 and Algebra will be taking it on March 8th.  Course 1 has a unit test on the 7th so they will be scheduled to take the Terra Nova on March 12.  Please support your student by making sure they get a good nights sleep, breakfast, and encouragement to be relaxed, and to do their best.

In Algebra, we have a couple of things going on at the same time.  We will be working on a project called Consumer Report using systems of linear equations.  We have also begun a unit covering polynomials… their first real introduction to x²y⁵z – 4z², and the like.

In Course 3 we are working on a short unit covering percents – real life math most of us use everyday.  Next we will look into statistics.

In Course 2, as I mentioned earlier, we are working on a project that requires cardboard.  It’s a surprise for curriculum celebration, but I will tell you it is an application of scale models.

In Course 1, we are working with integers – understanding them, and using them in the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).  Next, we will look into data and statistics.

Middle School Language Arts News: March 2012

We’ve been busy in Middle School Language Arts during the month of February.  Work on multi-genre projects has been in full swing, and students are immersing themselves in the research of their biography topic as well as the genres they plan on writing.  As always, they will be on display at curriculum celebration.

Upon our return from mid-winter break, two big things are now taking place.  First, we are launching a whole class study of the science fiction novel, The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer.  Though it is a weighty novel at nearly 400 pages, it is engaging, and full of pithy topics to discuss at the middle school level.  We will also be working on our essay writing skills through the exploration of these topics.  I look forward to taking this group of middle schoolers through this study!

Finally, we will be conducting Terra Nova testing for reading and language the week of March 5th-8th.  Please make sure your child is on time and well fed on those days.

Middle School Science Notes: March 2012

What’s the Weather? 

Middle school students are in the full swing of things; recording their weather reports on our laptop computers.  Photobooth is a computer program that allows students to “transport” themselves to a city of their choice.  They will be reporting the weather and helping their viewers understand how to interpret weather maps and also forecasting the future.

After we finish the weather projects, we are moving toward understanding how our global climate is affected by what we, as humans, contribute.  We will use information collected through both scientific research and personal experiences to transform this into an Academic Service-Learning project that will transform the Honey Creek community as well.

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