Physical Education/Swimming News February 2012

    This past month the lower and middle el have been focusing on manipulative skills. They worked on underhand and overhand throw and catch, soccer kick and trap, and striking with an implement where they tried tee ball, scooter hockey, tennis and pillo polo. The upper el and middle school have been working on designing their own games. In small groups they have to come up with a creative game that does not already exist. Then they present it to the class and the class votes on which game they like best. The game with the most votes is played on the final day of the unit. The kids have really gotten excited about this project and are doing very well.  February will consist of approximately 2 or 3 yoga lessons using yoga pretzel cards, Wai Lana’s Little Yogi’s DVD’s and Global Family Yoga’s Chill Children.

In the pool the students had a basic assessment of their front and back floats, front crawl and back crawl. Students are expected by state standards and benchmarks to be able to achieve these skills by the end of 2nd grade. Most of our students are surpassing this and many are well on their way. Some of the K1’s are moving onto the elementary back stroke and the middle and upper el are starting to learn the basics of the side stroke.

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