Middle Elementary News February 2012

Please make sure the check Tammy, Mary and Salli’s blogs each week as this is where you will get the most up-to-date information.

We are going to be going on two different field trips, the Leslie Science Center on Monday, April 9th and Hudson Mills Metropark on Friday, May 11th. Salli has set up an electronic volunteer sign up through signupgenius.com . There is no fee associated for chaperones to attend the field trips with the exception of a parking fee at Hudson Mills but we are asking for a $16.00 donation for each student to attend both field trips.  We would like to collect the money by March 9th and you can send cash or a check with your child made out to Honey Creek Community School. If you have any problems with signing up electronically, please contact Salli and let me know right away.  The focus on these two field trips will be animals and their habitats, wetland discovery and the plant cycle.

This is the time of the year when we start really focusing on math facts. It is hard to do the dedicated practice with the intensity students need in a multi-aged classroom as there are so many different levels. Please make sure that you are helping your child develop speed and accuracy with math facts. It makes the conceptual and higher level things we do in the classroom much easier. The Common Core standards are that 2nd graders can fluently add and subtract within 20 and that 3rd graders can fluently multiply and divide within 100. We are trying to put together a complete and cohesive list of ways to practice math facts and we will be posting these on the blogs as soon as we get this document one.

February will find us digging in to rocks and minerals and science and government in social studies.

In language arts, we are getting back into the routine and building more stamina in writing and reading. Using details is strategy we are using in all types of reading and writing. Good writers use details to help their audience better understand the message. Readers use details from the text to support inferences, predictions and connections they make.

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