Later Elementary News February 2012

Well, we’re already into the second month of 2012! Thus far we certainly haven’t had much of a winter! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that February is kind to us, too! Here’s a quick look at the month ahead in the 4/5 classes.

In social studies we’ll be focusing on the European slave trade and slavery in Colonial America. I’ve talked with students recently about the idea of keystone events/concepts in history. There are just certain historical events and issues that have to be understood in order to understand the human experience throughout the years. I’ve argued that the institution of slavery – in Colonial America, the United States of America, and throughout the rest of the world – is one such issue. It’s impossible to understand how the United States was formed without understanding the role slavery played in its formation. Similarly, it’s impossible to truly understand our society

today without fully discussing and learning about our nation’s sordid slave-holding past.

Things that will be discussed during our study of slavery in

Colonial America include: The Triangle Trade (people and goods that were traded – and the Middle Passage); The lives of enslaved and free Africans in the Colonies; and the formation of a distinct African American culture in the colonies.

In science students are working on the scientific method by making paper airplanes. They’re conducting test flights and making modifications intended to get their planes to fly further.

In language arts students are continuing to read “Maniac Magee” and discussing topics dealing with social justice and equality. These topics tie in nicely with our current social studies topic. Students are also continuing their work with the six traits of writing.

Throughout the upcoming month students will be focusing on the traits of word choice and ideas.

Please feel free to touch base with your child’s math teacher if you have any math related questions. We hope you all have a great start to February! Thanks for all you do for you kids!


The 4/5 Team

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