Early Elementary News February 2012

K-1 is just beginning the second part of our integrated thematic unit,  “How My Community Works”. The last half of this unit focuses on Food Systems. The children will investigate where the food in our community comes from. Using bread as an example, they will learn about the natural and human resources needed to get food from producer to consumer. They will learn about food production and follow bread through the food system from farm to factory to store and then home.

The children will get an opportunity to bake bread and participate in science experiments related to bread, yeast, and mold as well.

In Language Arts, we are working on nonfiction writing. The purpose of this unit is to introduce students to nonfiction and procedural writing. All children are experts on some subject matter, and this unit will give them the opportunity to be not only a writer but a teacher as well.

During the first part of this nonfiction unit, students will write their own “how-to” book. The second portion of the unit will be devoted to creating “all-about” books. We will use nonfiction books by authors such as Gail Gibbons to do research on the text structures of nonfiction. Children will be using graphic organizers and planning paper to help them create their books.

We are gearing up for the 100th day of school with our current math unit. Children are learning to compare and order numbers and use the 100 chart to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s. In the math unit we are just finishing children worked on problem solving and were introduced to telling time to hour and half-hour.

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